Craftsman of Fine Living Spaces

We are a family-owned Design Build firm in Corvallis, Oregon. We pride ourselves on the stuff good relationships are built on. You’ll find it in our character: responsive, honest, and willing to give it to you straight. You’ll see it show up in our actions: we arrive for meetings on time. Our pricing and our timing are accurate. Our quality and workmanship are guaranteed. We give you the advice you can count on and a fixed-price agreement you can bank on.


Our goal is to help those in our community turn their houses into homes by going through our all-in-one Design Build process. As a Design Build firm, we make your life a whole lot easier. Instead of juggling several people throughout the process, you need only deal with one point of contact. A home leaves an indelible mark on all those that make a life there. This is why we design your space into something that is functional and fits the lifestyles of everyone in your home. We’ll take care of you and your home from beginning to end, design to build. We give you advice and design ideas that you can trust.


Design is done by industry professionals, so any potential build/site issues are identified and addressed before they become a costly problem. We don’t cut corners. We’ll have the required drawings stamped and permitted. Professional trades and craftspeople will be scheduled, and we’ll manage the work as it’s done. This ensures every single detail of your vision is given expression in the final product.

We know that the work we do shapes our clients as much as our work is shaped by them. This makes our work each day both a privilege and responsibility.

We look forward to building your dreams; a remodel you’ll love from a builder you trust.

We exist to improve the way people live in their homes.


To perform high end design build home remodeling with excellence that creates WOW and lifelong clients. In the process we will strengthen and build our culture.


To build a great and lasting company that is known as the best design build remodeler in the mid-Willamette Valley and beyond.

Integrity • Excellence • Growth and Learning • Humility • Grit • Earth

Live in the Dream.